Bear and Lion and the Rainbow Zebra Cross


Last Saturday was Gay Pride in London. Central London was heaving with lots of happy people with rainbow flags everywhere.

“They say there’s a Rainbow Zebra near Trafalgar Square,” Lion told us, “I heard it on the radio.”

“I don’t think a Rainbow Zebra exists, Lion,” I told him.

“There is,” Lion insisted. “Let’s go find it.”

We went to Trafalgar Square which was filled with party revellers. I told Bear and Lion, “I don’t want us to lose each other. Stay close.”

We walked all the way around Trafalgar Square and down Pall Mall, away from the National Gallery. It took us quite a long time because of the crowds.

“Let’s go home,” said Bear, “there are no zebras here. Why is that girl doing the splits in the middle of the road?”


Rainbow zebra cross


“Why is everyone taking photos here?” Lion asked.

“This is the rainbow zebra, Lion” I told him. “It’s a normal zebra crossing that they painted in rainbow colours just for Gay Pride.”

“You’re silly, Girl Friend,” Lion told me. “Zebras aren’t roads.”


Rainbow zebra cross


“Okay, it’s clear – let’s cross Lion,” Bear told Lion.

“Maybe the Rainbow Zebra went home early,” I heard Lion say.

Bear and Lion are still looking for the Rainbow Zebra…


Rainbow zebra cross




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