Bear and Lion Have an Exciting Day at GDIF


Every June Greenwich comes alive with the Greenwich and Docklands International Festival, otherwise known as GDIF. It’s always great fun with inventive visual displays, dance performances and music and best of all it’s right on our door step.

Being quite small though, it can be a tiring day for Bear and Lion who have to squeeze past all the crowds or try to see above lots and lots of heads. We went down on the Sunday – the sun was shining and we were ready for a fun day.

Being old hands at GDIF, Bear and Lion knew the importance of looking at the program to see what was going on.




They saw some dancing around a giant bed…




… And people fighting over a giant face mask.




Lion wanted to join in on a game…




… but Bear said, “The show’s about to start. We need to get to Cutty Sark Gardens.”

Bear and Lion rushed through the crowds and saw some red and white robes gliding along towards them. “Brrrrrhmp!” boomed a tuba right at Bear and Lion.




“I think I’ve gone deaf,” said Bear. Lion just look dazzled. They watched the troupe of musicians glide and play music around the Cutty Sark.






When that was over they made their way back to the Naval College Gardens to have a little sit down. They heard the revving of an engine and turned to see an armored man coming towards them. As he drove past them, he caught sight of Lion and stopped.




The armored man got off his weird travel machine and took Bear and Lion out of my hands and drove off with them!






“Girl Friend!!” screamed Bear and Lion.

The armored man drove around with Bear and Lion on his travel machine as I chased after them. He stopped, looked at Bear and Lion who were now in shock, and handed them back to me.




Bear and Lion both looked dishevelled. “Let’s go sit down somewhere quiet, Girl Friend,” Lion said, “I need a rest.”

Poor Bear and Lion, first a tuba booming right behind them and then being manhandled. Or is that Bear-and-Lion-handled? That was enough excitement for the day.





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