Bear and Lion Watch the 2015 London Marathon


It was the time of year again for the London Marathon, one of our favourite events in London. It was a chilly start this time around, but the rain held off so Bear and Lion, along with their friend, Longlegs, got to enjoy the sea of colour running through the streets of London.

Bear and Lion watch the 2015 London Marathon


The elite athletes always start the race off but it’s the costumes and normal runners which are most fun.

Bear and Lion watch the 2015 London Marathon


London Marathon 2015


There were orange men…

Orange man 01


Orange man 02


… And bottles of Buxton water (getting some Buxton water from the water station) and London Pride.

Buxton water


London Pride


There was a tall lighthouse…



and a rocket.



A big, red phonebox…

Red phonebox


Big Ben…

Big Ben


… and a tardis.



Carmen Miranda dashed off early on…

Carmen Miranda


… followed by Banana Man.

Banana Man


Some runners were a little under-dressed.

Under-dressed man 01


Under-dressed man 02


“Pamela Anderson from Baywatch” was there…

Under-dressed man 03 / Pamela Anderson


Under-dressed man 03 / Pamela Anderson back


… As was the Mona Lisa.

Mona Lisa


There were giant fruit…

Giant fruit


a big, green phone…

Big phone


a big shoe…

Big shoe


… and a giant pair of scissors.



Two runners separately had the idea to run with a ladder.

Ladder man 01


Ladder man 02


Mario Kart’s Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach passed by…

Mario and Luigi


Princess Daisy


… And Andy’s toys from Toy Story.

Andy's toys


Wildlife and animals were everywhere…









Spotted dog




… And a few birds, too, like Chicken Man…

Chicken man


An ostrich…



… and a kiwi.



Mr Testicles ran past…

Mr Testicles


… Followed closely by a boob.



We saw a giant cheese string…

Giant cheese string


A Warchild Nurse…

Warchild nurse


The Jamaican Bobsled team (from Wolverhampton)…

Bobsled team


A boat…



Fred and Wilma Flintstone…

Fred and Wilma Flintsone


A Womble…



… And Big Bird.

Big Bird


Ed Miliband made an appearance (ahead of Nick Clegg)…

Miliband and Clegg


… But David Cameron looked tired.

Cameron and Farage


There was also a dinosaur…



…. And Lion’s favourite, Man in a Hot Pink Dress, who stopped and waved with everyone.

Man in Hot Pink Dress



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