Bear and Lion first met in Angel, London in 2005. Since then they have become best buddies, travelling and documenting their adventures for their friends to be a part of.





BEAR >  Given to Girl Friend when she was just a little baby, Bear has accompanied her around the world, from Hong Kong to Greece, USA to London. Bear is mischievous and often plays silly games on Lion, but is always there to protect Lion when the scary Hoover comes out. After seeing Girl Friend and her little sister through their childhoods, he’s retired and no longer entertains babies even though they’re always attracted to his bright orangeness.

Did you know: Bear has a medal labelled Survivor, and often refers to himself as Sir-Bear-Vivor.





LION >  Incredibly proud of his fat belly, Lion loves his ribbons and bows. His hippo-ears means he often gets words confused (he likes the song “Keep on Running” but declares that he’s not a racist because he doesn’t run; thinks his humanity is the stuff in the air that frizzes your hair, and has also taken to using it as a byword to the hair on his head; and when Girl Friend asks if he “can see, Lion” he always answers “I’m not a Sea Lion”). He loves to watch for heli(copter)s in the sky and snuggling up with Bear when it’s cold outside.

Did you know: Lion is a master rubber and expert at rubbing away your belly aches.